As the Lida family, we set out with the goal of “Trust in Diamonds”. Years ago we come to this day with confident steps in providing our customers with an outstanding service. LİDA, where we discovered one of the most special ways to reflect elegance, have been working with a global vision since 1989 as one of the leading brand in the jewellery industry. We bring together the most accurate stones with the most accurate prices in order to present the design that our valued customers wish.


We provide the unique stones by cooperating with the best diamond cutting centers in the world. Thanks to our uncompromising vision, we struggle to add value to the jewellery industry both worldwide and in Turkey. We know very well what is in your heart and we ensure that they come to life in the hands of our experienced craftsman. Each of our jewellery is designed with passion and devotion to increase your shine.


As Lida, we attach importance to protecting the environment as much as the value we give to our unique customers. Considering individual rights, law, industry and business ethics, and honest working system, we introduce Lida with more and more distinguished customers every day.